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A Closer Look At Label Claims on Supplements

Updated - August 25th, 2020

Here are the latest test results of many unknown brands of Phosphatidylserine or PS, a powerful but expensive nutrient for memory. 

See Phosphatidylserine lab results.


Recently one of our business partners tested supplements sold exclusively on a well-known online marketplace.

They focused on Coenzyme Q10 and SAM-e, two popular but expensive supplements and the results were shocking. 

Many of these brands didn't measure up to their claims despite thousands of 4.5 or 5-star reviews. Why? Supplements have lax regulations, so it’s easy to create fake supplement brands and even easier to get away with it. Add thousands of fake reviews, and you have a best seller.

See Coenzyme Q10 lab results. 

See SAM-e lab results

What if the Food and Drug Administration or the listing marketplace finds out? No problem. Just shut down the brand and quickly launch a new one. Consumers are virtually powerless. 

4 Tips to Shop Smarter for Supplements  

1. Buy Well Known National Brands

Established supplement brands either have quality control departments or use 3rd-party labs. They are also regularly visited by the FDA. Now Foods, for example, has more than 150 full-time quality control employees with bachelor degrees or higher and several PhDs. iHerb proudly vets and carries brands of this stature. In fact, all brands listed on iHerb's Brands drop-down menu are either national brands or our own exclusive brands. iHerb exclusive brands are all verified to confirm label claims using 3rd-party testing and meet Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA.  

2. Only Trust Genuine Reviews from Verified Buyers

At iHerb, we limit reviews to customers who have ordered the specific product being reviewed from iHerb. This assures honest and accurate reviews to help our customers make smarter buying choices. 

3. Insist on Appropriate Storage and Sufficient Expiration Dates

All iHerb products are stored in climate-controlled and GMP- (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified warehouses. Plus you can see the expiration date of the products you are ordering on the product page.  They are updated constantly as we receive new inventory. 

We don’t deal with any 3rd-party resellers.  Whatever you buy from iHerb is owned and shipped by iHerb.   

4. iHerb Goes a Step Further

Our iTested program provides an iTested verified document to ensure quality and authenticity.

Read about the top 9 reasons to make iHerb your #1 choice! 

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